Open Call Sluice 2013

Sluice Art Fair

Class 1 Project Space is based in the small North-Eastern town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Our aim is to build communities of artists and those who encounter art.

An unsubsidised space, Class 1 is interested in exploring models of mutuality in ways of providing exposure for as many artists in our area and the wider north as possible.

Class 1 will be attending the Sluice Art Fair at 47/49 Tannner Square in Bermondsey between 19/20th October 2013, during Frieze, and we are now welcoming submissions from contemporary artists.

We will create a space of intrigue, a space of touch and exploration, aiming to re-connect the understanding of art with the process of discovery.

Just as a visitor to the local car boot or table-top sale feeds their hunger for the excitement of unearthing something of value amongst the unknown; we will recreate this in our display.

Application Process

  • You may submit a maximum of 5 works for consideration;
  • This must be accompanied by an artist statement consisting of at least one paragraph and a curriculum vitae;
  • Images must be provided for all works submitted to a minimum quality of 72 dpi and be 1024 px either by height or width;
  • All works must be for titled and a price provided;
  • Please email applications to;
  • The closing date for applications is FRIDAY 27th of SEPTEMBER;
  • All applications are FREE;
  • Your work/s will be brought before a selection panel which will decide if your work/s will be taken to Sluice;
  • The panel anticipates selecting in the region of 50 works;

Accepted Work

  • If your work is selected a single fee of £15 per artist will be charged to cover associated costs;
  • A 30 percent commission will be taken from all sales please bear this in mind when pricing your work;
  • All work must be delivered to the Class 1 Project Space during 8th/13th October 2013 between 10am/4pm. Delivery and collection is at the artists expense;
  • Please bear in mind that we are encouraging work to be handled and that your work is suitable for this purpose;
  • Whilst due care will be taken,we are not responsible for any damage to your work and artists submit work at their own risk and liability;